Join us for an unforgettable end-of-season celebratory event on Manchester City's Roblox experience ‘Blue Moon!’

The event will run until Monday 17 June, with lots of fantastic activities for fans to take part in.

Step into the Hall of Fame, a tribute to the incredible achievements of both the men’s and women’s teams and celebrate their remarkable milestones and accomplishments.

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Be among the first to get your hands on the new 24/25 Manchester City home kit and goalkeeper kit. Alongside these exclusive items, watch the PUMA kit launch campaign video, screened specially for this event within the experience

As you explore, collect four crowns hidden throughout the Hall of Fame and earn an exclusive badge to showcase your dedication and skill. Additionally, you can purchase a digital football in the game and have it virtually signed by none other than Erling Haaland, Julian Alvarez, and Bunny Shaw. This unique souvenir is a must-have for any true fan!

For those looking for a bit of competition, team up with your friends and compete in our Moonball tournaments to earn amazing rewards.

Manchester City is the first and only Premier League club to launch an official club experience on Roblox.

This immersive platform features the club’s mascots, Moonchester and Moonbeam, offering activities such as an Academy mini game, a virtual City store, and Moonball matches. Fans can complete quests for exclusive in-game rewards and connect with other City fans.

This exciting event runs till 17 June. Don’t miss out on the Blue Moon celebration on Roblox!

Check it out now here

Roblox applies strict safety features, including a safety review of every single image, video, and audio file uploaded to the platform as well as chat filters to block inappropriate chat, in addition to a suite of Account Restrictions settings that parents can use to restrict who children can interact with and what experiences they can access.

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One of Manchester City’s key priorities is to ensure that we manage safe environments for people online. Man City would like to be proactive in child safeguarding and provide support for users in the Blue Moon experience. For all users who enter the experience, we will be providing additional safety reminders and resources on how to report misconduct.

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