All four of Man City Esports’ Fortnite pros, across EU and NA, qualified for the FNCS Major 2 semi-finals.

The aim for Setty, Trippernn, Threats and Cold was to finish in the Top 50 and advance to the Uppers Semis of FNCS Major 2.

In the first weekend of qualifiers in EU, Setty and his duo Kami picked up 435 points and placed 35th.

But the long-standing pair knew they could improve their position in the second week. And they did just that! An impressive 565 points in Qualifiers 2 saw them jump to ninth and advance to the Upper Semis.


Trippernn, alongside his partner Fredoxie, finished Qualifiers 1 in position 54 with 300 points but confident they could solidify their place in the all-important top 50.

A much more clinical weekend of matches in Qualifiers 2 saw the duo earn 495 points which boosted their standing to 23rd.

City also had impressive performances in NA. Looking to qualify for the semi-finals and retain their FNCS title following their Major 1 Finals triumph, Man City’s Cold and Acorn dominated in Qualifiers 1, finished 3rd before confirming their place in the top 50 in Qualifiers 2.

Finally, Threats and his duo Sphinx, made it four for four in City’s Fortnite pros qualifying for the semi-finals.

Qualifiers 1 saw them pick up 470 points and complete the weekend in 28th. A more difficult Qualifiers 2, however, saw them tested but Threats and Sphinx were able to grind out some important matches and place 50th.

The semi-finals will take place across 3-5 May. A breakdown of City’s involvement in them and our potential route to the Grand Finals will be available on and our official X account, @ManCityEsports, later this month.

Everyone at Manchester City would like to congratulate Setty, Trippernn, Cold, Threats and their respective duos on their results in FNCS Major 2 so far and we wish them the best of luck in the rest of the competition.