“My husband Paul has supported City since he was about five-years-old!

“His mum is a blue, his next door neighbour was a blue – and he had a lot of stick growing up supporting City! I married a blue and I’ve never looked back!

“We don’t actually live in Manchester but we spend a lot of time there, watching City with the kids!

“Theo was born just after the ‘Agueroooooo’ moment. He has watched it that many times he thinks he was there!

“Actually, his first game was a FA Cup match against Burnley and Sergio scored a hat-trick and Theo was totally blown away!

“Lottie’s first game was at Wembley! Not a bad start! 

“City is very important to us all. It brings us together as a family and we get to spend time together.

“The experiences that the children have had following City are amazing - trips to away grounds, watching us win trophies at Wembley, photoshoots, trophy parades. It’s been so, so much more than just the 90 minutes on the pitch!

“Matchday is wonderful! On a typical day, we leave home four hours before kick-off and we park about 20 minutes walk away. 

“We stop at the corner shop and get some sweets and head straight to West Reception to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the pre-match entertainment - and the kids usually try and enter any competitions and watch the players arrive.

“We then head into the ground. We like to be early so Lottie can shout the players as they warm up! She likes to shout Ederson - and when Kalvin Phillips was there, he always waved to her.

“We have a brilliant group of people who sit by us in 134 so we have a good catch up with them. The children have made true friends and they love to meet up at the games.

“We actually met some City fans on holiday two years ago and they sit a few blocks down from us so we go over and chat to them, too! It’s a brilliant blue family feel.

“Lottie actually does matchday vlogs on YouTube so she is usually asking people for score predictions or chatting to fans about that!

“The staff at City are always so supportive and encouraging of Lottie and her YouTube videos. FG always makes time for her along with Tom, one of the club photographers.

“The kids have met lots of famous people before games and I think being at City gives them the confidence to speak up!

“Theo is more reserved than his sister but put a camera in front of him at the football and he’s like a different child! 

“Lottie had the confidence to go up to Noel Gallagher on Saturday and ask for a score prediction. She’s so confident at City.

“She loves it, too. She told me the other day: ‘I get to experience things other children don’t get to and I’m able to say I was there when City won the Treble, I’m very lucky!’

“Talking about the Treble, the past few years have been out of this world.

“The children don’t know what it’s like to see City lose! 
“If they draw, they feel like we have lost as they are just not used to it!

“We were at Wolves away earlier this season when we lost and I felt it actually did them good to realise we don’t win every week!

“To get to watch the football we do week in, week out is a privilege.

“What Pep has created is pure magic! The whole team are phenomenal.”

Helen Evans