Gundogan: 'We have to keep doing what we are doing'

Our German midfielder discusses the title race, current form, the effect COVID has had and keeping healthy during a pandemic.

In a reflective interview, Ilkay looks back at a difficult few months and how the players have coped both as a group and individually.

"It has an effect on your home life because I try to not go out even for a coffee because I don't want to put any friends or family at risk," revealed Ilkay.

He also discusses momentum and the hard work behind long winning runs that can make or break a season - and echoes the thoughts of Pep Guardiola and the rest of his team-mates by reiterating nothing is decide yet.


"It's a race but I don’t think anything is done yet - we need to do what we have been doing," he said.

"We know we will drop points at some stage, but after that, we need to go again.

"It is one thing to be a team, but individually we also have to keep very high levels  because if you don't play well, you will lose your place and could be out for four or five games.

"We have a big squad with amazing players so every time you play, you have to be ready and at the top of your game."

Watch the full interview on the video above.

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